Colour Powder

Available in 250g or 500g packs, Colour powder consist of natural pigment that matches our colours and can be used with cement motar to point the ridges and other areas where cement is exposed.

It is recommended to add a waterproofing compound into this mixture to prevent water getting into the ridge.

Technical Specifications

As per SLS 1267 Standards
 Tile Size 333mm x 425mm +/- 4mm
 Coverage 89 Tiles per 100 sq.ft
 Weight 4.6 KG +/- 5%
 Weight on Roof 4.1 KG per Sq.ft
 Minimum Pitch 24 Degrees

Double Roman


Tile Roofing at its Best!

Colourcon roof tiles have a proven performance history of over 15 years in Sri Lanka. It is the only roofing product awarded with 6 Product Awards from the SL Institute of Architects and the only roof tile thats certified with SLS, ISO 9001:2008 & the Suriyasinghe Award. Colourcon also has the widest product range that includes 4 Profiles, 20 colours and over 12 roofing accessories to boast of.

As per SLS 1267 Standards
 Tile Size 333mm x 425mm +/- 4mm
 Coverage 89 Tiles per 100 sq.ft
 Weight 5.1 KG +/- 5%
 Weight on Roof 4.5 KG per Sq.ft
 Minimum Pitch 27 Degrees

Technical Specifications
SLS 1267 Certification

Sri Lanka Standards Institution




Thai Ridge Range

The traditional Thai effect with its round shape gives a district difference to the outlook of the roof. Further its recommended and is ideally shaped to cover and protect the ridge on high sloping roofs. Further it is possible to have a complete dry ridge system using the Thai Ridge range in combination with the Ridgflexi guard. 

Barges Tile Range

The Barge not only protects the Valence board from external elements, it also adds an elegant finish to the wall facia of any building.  


The rooflite allows to bring in free natural sunshine into our homes without needing to install complicated and leak prone skylights on every part of the house or building. 

It is moulded with fibre to match Colourcon tiles and uses toughened glass for additional safety.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

TUV Management Services GmbH


Product Excellence Award

Sri Lanka Institute of Architects

2000 & 2005

Standard Range

Smaller than the traditional ridging thats common in Sri Lanka, the Standard Ridge makes the ridging less of a distraction to the beauty of the roof. Its ideal for low or normal sloping roofs and requires less cement motor to affix.

Suriyasinghe Award

Ganna Ape De


Product Merit Award

Sri Lanka Institute of Architects

2002, 2003, 2007 & 2010

Premium Roofing 
Architectural Stones
Vinyl Timber Planks

Pebble Mosaics

Ridge Flexi Gaurd

With the Colourcon Ridge Flexi Guard™, you can finally own a leak free, hassle free home while retaining the beauty that only tile roofs can give you. 

The Ridge Flexi Guard is a synthetic polymer membrane that can be applied for heavy duty bonding with cement roof tiles. It is completely waterproof and when the joints (such as in the ridge of the roof) between cement roof tiles is covered with this sticker, it prevent water seeping into the ceiling.
When the Ridge Flexi Guard™ is used, you can greatly reduce the amount of cement mortar that is usually applied. This makes the ridge look smarter and this clean finish makes a big difference on the outlook of your roof as well as your home.